1958 Dutch Grand Prix

Three Vanwalls lined up on the front row of the Zandvoort grid was a wonderful sight. After the shaky season start at Monaco, Tony Vandervell’s team had refitted their cars’ long ‘teardrop’ noses, and the cars dominated during qualifying.

Stirling Moss led the race from start to finish and moved further ahead of Mike Hawthorn in the Drivers Championship. The battle was on between the two British drivers, between Vanwall and Ferrari.This was the race where the Vanwall team trialed wire wheels at the front and alloys at the rear. This was to become a distinctive Vanwall set up. It assisted with temperature control on the front disc brakes and offered better handling.🇳🇱 DUTCH GRAND PRIX May 26 1958 Zandvoort, Netherlands Permanent road course 2.6 miles, 75 Laps, 195 milesWinning driver: 🏁 Stirling Moss Vanwall VW10 2h 4m 49.200secFastest lap: 🔥 Stirling Moss, Vanwall 1m 37.6secQualifying times: 🔥 Pole Position: Lewis-Evans, Vanwall VW5, 1m 37.100sec 🔥 2nd on the grid: Moss, Vanwall VW10, 1m 38.000sec 🔥 3rd on the grid: Brooks, Vanwall VW7, 1m 38.100sec#vanwall #vanwallrevival

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