1st British Car ever to win the German Grand Prix

Traditionally considered a ‘Ferrari circuit’, the Nürburgring on 3 Aug 1958 saw two Vanwalls and two Ferraris on the front row of the grid, throwing that assumption into doubt.

All four drivers on that front row of the 1958 German Grand Prix were British - Moss; Brooks; Hawthorn; Collins. The golden boys of the late ‘50s F1 racing era.In qualifying, both Hawthorn and Brooks bettered Fangio’s previous course record so all was set for a thrilling battle between those Green and Red cars.Moss got off to a flying start. He, too, beat Fangio’s previous lap record for the course. In fact on his 3rd lap, Moss recorded the fastest lap of the race. However he was to retire on his fourth lap with a dead magneto.🇬🇧🥇VANWALL SET A NEW RECORD FOR GREAT BRITAIN THAT DAY - the first British car ever to win the German Grand Prix.“Tony Brooks took command and won splendidly", to quote Denis Jenkinson in ‘Vanwall - The story of Tony Vandervell and his racing cars’. Brooks’ fast, flowing driving style well was well suited to the 14-mile Nürburgring.🇩🇪 GERMAN GRAND PRIX August 3 1958 Nürburgring, Germany Permanent road course 14 miles, 15 Laps (approx. 212 miles)WINNING DRIVER: 🏁🇬🇧 Tony Brooks, Vanwall 2h 21m 15.0sec, 90.35mphFASTEST LAP: 🔥 Stirling Moss, Vanwall Lap 3, 9m 9.2sec, 92.89mphQUALIFYING TIMES: 🔥 Pole Position: Mike Hawthorn, Ferrari, 9m 14.0sec 🔥 2nd on the grid: Tony Brooks, Vanwall, 9m 15.0sec 🔥 3rd on the grid: Stirling Moss, Vanwall, 9m 19.1sec 🔥 4th on the grid: Peter Collins, Ferrari, 9m 21.9sec

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