Brooks wins at Spa 1958

Vanwall’s winning momentum continued at the 1958 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps, the ‘Grand Prix of Europe’. It marked Tony Brooks’ first major Grand Prix victory, averaging 129.93 mph over the 24 laps.

Another first was Maria Teresa de Filippis, the first female driver to contend in a World Championship Formula 1 Grand Prix. Although she was lapped twice she managed to finish. This proved to be her only race finish.19 cars were on the grid under the hot sun. Water and oil temperatures were running dangerously high before the starter dropped the flag. Then came the fabled corner of Eau Rouge, a sharp left-hander followed by a very steep hill.Brooks led at the end of the first lap and won the race 20.7 seconds ahead of Mike Hawthorn in 2nd place.It was two podiums for Vanwall with Lewis-Evans having taken third.Mike Hawthorn in his Ferrari had chipped away at Moss’ Drivers Championship lead. 1958 was turning into an epic contest between Vanwall and Ferrari. Moss and Hawthorn. Fans around the world were gripped.🇧🇪 BELGIAN GRAND PRIX June 15 1958 Spa Francorchamps, Belgium Temporary road course 8.761 miles, 24 LapsWinning Driver: 🏁 Tony Brooks Vanwall VW7 1h 37m 6.3sec3rd place: 🏁 Stuart Lewis-Evans Vanwall VW5 1h 40m 7.2secFastest lap: 🔥 Mike Hawthorn, Ferrari Lap 24 3m 58.3sec, 132.36mphQualifying times: 🔥 Pole Position: Mike Hawthorn, Ferrari, 3m 57.1sec 🔥 2nd on the grid: Luigi Musso, Ferrari, 3m 57.5sec 🔥 3rd on the grid: Stirling Moss, Vanwall VW10, 3m 57.6sec

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