The best is yet to come for Vanwall

Vanwall vs Ferrari; Stirling Moss vs Mike Hawthorn. Two rivals neck and neck at 23 points each. At Silverstone in 1958, Vanwall’s famous victory for Britain (at Aintree in 1957) was not to be repeated as the 1958 British Grand Prix saw the pendulum swing back in favour of Ferrari and Hawthorn.

It was a gruelling race with eleven of the twenty starters retiring. Moss retired in the 26th lap. Brooks struggled but Stuart Lewis-Evans at least kept the crowd entertained with a great skirmish with Roy Salvadori for third place. Alas Salvadori pipped him to the line by a mere fifth of a second.Once again Vanwall had to knuckle down and dig into their reserves of perseverance.They did not know it as they left the track at Silverstone, but the best for Vanwall was yet to come.🇬🇧 BRITISH GRAND PRIXJuly 19 1958, Silverstone, Northamptonshire, Great BritainPermanent road course, 3 miles, 75 Laps (approx. 225 miles)WINNING DRIVER:🏁 Peter Collins, Ferrari, 2h 9m 42.0sec, 102.05mphFASTEST LAP:🔥 Mike Hawthorn, Ferrari, Lap 50, 1m 40.8sec, 104.54mphQUALIFYING TIMES:🔥 Pole Position: Stirling Moss, Vanwall, 1m 39.4sec🔥 2nd on the grid: Harry Schell, BRM, 1m 39.8sec🔥 3rd on the grid: Roy Salvadori, Cooper, 1m 40sec

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