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In 1958 the Formula 1 World Constructors Championship was launched. Awarded at the end of each season to the highest scoring team, out of 170 teams entered over the years only 15 have their names on the trophy. The first name on the list?
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Image by Peter Harholdt for Revs Institute of original VW5/11, part of the Miles Collier Collection at Revs Institute. 


Tony Vandervell

Tony Vandervell had a clear ambition. He wanted to create the finest Grand Prix race team and win. He was especially focused on beating Ferrari whose red cars so often ruled the circuits of Europe. The industrialist lent his considerable resources to creating the finest cars and hiring the best drivers. A key component was his love of engineering innovation. He knew that to win, risks had to be taken and new solutions found.

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Moss and Hawthorn neck and neck after Rheims GP 1958

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